Politica invalida legata de loturi

In CryptoNight currencies calculating and verifying hashes takes a lot of computational power.So, checking all shares sent by users will require pool to have dozens of servers.To avoid these expenses all CryptoNight pools only check a certain percentage of shares and simply trust the rest.

This leaves a window for cheating. User can intentionally submit shares that do not solve the job given to them.Such shares are discovered if checked by pool and called ‘Invalid Shares’.

Opensource pools by default ban users if the percentage of invalid shares is bigger than 25%. However, MinerGate is not going to allow hackers to cheat the pool and its users.Thus, we decided to implement the following policy:

  • For sending invalid share user gets penalty and his unconfirmed balance decreases.
  • Sending multiple invalid shares will lead to negative unconfirmed balance.
  • This will prevent cheaters from having funds in confirmed balance.

Please note that even if you are a legit miner, there is a very small chance that you submit an invalid share. Most likely, you won’t, but it may happen. Most often it is caused by bugs in mining apps.